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Stamp dealers online

The study of stamps, sometimes referred to as philately, has a respected history. While not every philatelist collects stamps, many do. Some stamp collectors begin to collect stamps when they're quite young. Stamp dealers online now offer collectors the possibility of seeing stamps they might never have had a chance to see before. If you're just starting out as a collector, here are a few tips about the "jargon" you'll see on many stamp collecting sites.

Grades of Stamps

Many stamp dealers grade their stamps according to a widely accepted grading scale ranging from poor to superb. It would probably be a good idea to look at an online or other guide to these ratings to get a sense of what each means. Many dealers, however, will provide a more detailed description of each stamp as well an overall grade, so you will likely learn some about grades by simply reading over a number of descriptions.

One of the elements that goes into a stamp grade is how well centered its image is. A superbly graded stamp, like the 1915 3 cent violet stamp available at Bruce MacDonald Stamps, is somewhat rare. If you look at the image carefully, you'll note that the image is very well centered between the perforations. A stamp with a lesser grade, such a fine or even very fine, will likely have margins that are at least a little off-centered.

Used or Not Used

Stamps are also graded according to their level of use. If a stamp has been cancelled, it is considered used. If it hasn't been, then it's an unused stamp. There are other considerations that many collectors take into consideration, such as the condition of the gum on the back side of the stamp. If a stamp is in "mint" condition, that means it's in the same condition it was when it was purchased. Gum in this condition is called unhinged, which means it has no marks.

Learning the language of stamp collecting can help you to make good purchases for your growing collection.
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How to Use Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards feature a white finish that has a glossy and smooth surface. You can use markers of different colors to write and draw on the boards and wipe off those marks later. Many offices and companies use these boards, but you'll also find ways to use these boards at home too.

Using Traditional Boards

Traditional dry erase boards have a number of uses at home and at work. Hang one of the boards in your kitchen or near the front door of your home to jot down notes for family members and keep track of the schedules of everyone in your household. Place a larger size board in the meeting or conference room of your office. You can use the board to project images during meetings and to brainstorm new ideas with your employees.

Using Sheets

Dry erase sheets serve as a great alternative to a traditional dry erase board. These sheets come in large rolls that you can cut to the size needed for your space. The back of the sheets contain a thin layer of adhesive that allows the sheets to stick to nearly any type of surface, and like the boards, markers wipe right off the sheets. You can also use these sheets with chalk. When you need the board moved, peel the sheet right off the wall and throw it away. You'll also find boards and frames designed to give the sheets a little more stability. Whether you opt for boards or sheets, you'll find plenty of ways to use them at work and at home.
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Esthetics School

In the tough economic climate we have been living in for the past several years, many people are finding it hard to make ends meet at their current job. This has caused them to think about possibly changing careers in order to earn more money. If you are one of the many people who has done this, you may be finding it hard to decide which new career to get involved with. If this is the case, you should only choose a career if it allows you to continue to earn more as your gain experience. You do not want to spend your time studying for a new job, only to find that it leaves you in a dead end with no earning potential or room for advancement. One career you might want to strongly consider is that of a cosmetologist. Thee are certainly many reasons why it is a great career choice. Here is why you might want to go to esthetics school and learn to be a cosmetologist.

1. Make your own schedule
If you decide to open your own salon and go into business for yourself, you will be your own boss. This means you will be able to make your own schedule. You can work as little or as much as you want. This is a freedom that most people are never able to achieve. When you make your own schedule, you can make time for the things in life that really matter to you. You will never need to miss an important event again because you were stuck at work.

2. Become an entrepreneur

All of the biggest chains in the world started with a single store. If you think you have a brain for business, as well as a gift for cosmetology, you could decide to start a chain of salons. This would give you the opportunity to develop your own brand and expend it to different cities. The possibilities are totally endless.

3. Get out of the office environment

If you have worked in offices for most of your life, you may need a change. Looking at a computer screen all day and talking on the phone while your boss or a manager looks over your shoulder is not a great way to earn a living. As a cosmetologist, it will just be you and your customer. You will not need to worry about office politics.
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