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The Unique North American MBA Experience

North American business schools pride themselves on the quality of their MBA programmes, which continue to attract young professionals from around the world. The top schools have built solid reputations, have outstanding career placement records and rank high among their peers.
With the growth of b-schools in Asia and Europe, MBA candidates are right to step back from previously held opinions and take a closer look at the entire MBA market. It is now possible to find top business schools outside of North America that have reached the same level of quality in terms of faculty, ranking and have even stronger and more diversified networks. But the MBA experience in North America remains for some reasons quite unique.

First Year Core, Second Year Electives

Firstly, American MBAs have different formats. There was once a time when all North American MBA programmes lasted two years, but this is no longer the case. Some b-schools have launched accelerated programs alongside their traditional programs. Thunderbird Schools of Global Management, for example, offers a traditional MBA program lasting from 15 to 20 months and an accelerated program lasting from 11 to 16 months. Likewise, Pepperdine Graziadio School of Business and Management offers a traditional two-year MBA and an accelerated one-year MBA. However, HEC Montreal has opted to restrict its MBA offering to a oneyear program. Still, the majority of North American b-schools continue to be set apart by their two-year programs. In the first year, students learn the core general management skills across all functions and industries, enabling them to integrate the key areas of an organization, from finance and marketing to operations and human resources. Wharton for example offers students the opportunity of exemption from some core classes if they have sufficient prior academic study or work experience. These modules can be replaced with electives.In the second year, Wharton students can choose from nearly 200 electives. in 19 different majors in order to develop expertise in the functional areas of business while specializing in career-related professional fields of study. Louis Buell, Wharton MBA Class of 2008, said, "Through the Global Immersion Program, I've had the opportunity to travel to three countries in Africa and meet with top business and government leaders there."

Internships Start Early

In addition, MBA students in the second year often apply for internships with prestigious corporations that have developed long-term partnerships with business schools. This tripartite arrangement suits all players. As interns, MBA students in their second year have the opportunity to undertake supervised projects that if successfully completed often lead to full-time employment before or following graduation. Corporations benefit from the handson approach to recruitment of MBA graduates. Best of all, the business schools are left with relatively few unemployed MBAs three months after graduation, which boosts their rankings in the MBA community.
Some b-schools build a strong foundation for students wishing to do internships. At the fulltime MBA programme of Duke Fuqua School of Business (called the Duke MBA-Daytime), students can take at least five electives in the first year. For those students who want to do an internship in the summer between the first and second year, they are encouraged to enroll in the Flex Term. This is a special two-week winter term with additional career electives aimed at preparing MBAs for their summer internships. Some North American business schools use a case-study approach to business education. Hult adopts this hands-on approach throughout its entire one-year fulltime MBA programme. Students arrive on their main Boston campus to a month-long MBA Toolbox session (Hult also has campuses in Dubai, London and Shanghai). Based on three modules, the programme starts with the business fundamentals, moves to the integration of these concepts and then finishes with their global application. Teachers place a great deal of emphasis on action-learning techniques. In fact, students take part in an actionlearning project where they work in teams to solve a real business problem for a client.

Financing Your MBA

One of the major benefits of North American business schools is the importance they place on making financial aid available to international students. To them, an MBA is a longterm investment that will be paid back rapidly. In fact, almost all international MBA students rely on loans to cover most of their education and living costs. Hence, North American business schools employ financial aid officers whose role is to ensure that applicants do not have to turn down the MBA for lack of money.
The process of applying for financial aid will be different if you are a citizen or a permanent resident of the USA or Canada. Americans can apply for federal student aid such as Stafford loans, while Canadians can apply for Canada Study Grants and Canada Access Grants. International students or non-permanent residents can apply for funding within their home country, including government and private scholarships and loans. In all cases, North American b-schools share a common strategy, to make information about external funding resources available to students. By using their search engines, students can often uncover sources of funding that they had not expected to find. To find such "hidden" scholarships and grants, applicants are advised to start the application process sooner rather than later.

Student Social Life

North American b-schools emphasize the importance of participating in clubs and associations. The social aspect is crucial as students can apply their knowledge to topics that come up on the agenda at the events, while meeting professionals from select industries and businesses. Pepperdine boasts an unusual professional club based on the entertainment industry. Situated in the affluent city of Malibu overlooking the Pacific coastline, Pepperdine has one of the most beautiful campuses in the USA. It is no accident that Pepperdine MBA students can benefit from the location, especially those who want to work for a big studio or production company in Los Angeles. The MBA runs a club that brings together students interested in the media /entertainment industry. Invited to their club meetings are entertainment professionals brought in to discuss different aspects of the media and entertainment industry.
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MBA Degree - Your Career Promoter

Most of us know about the advantages of higher education and how perfectly it prepares us to face and overcome difficulties of our future occupations. It also goes without saying that to contribute to the company's prosperity one should not only precisely follow the set order and procedures but efficiently introduce their abilities into the common goal.
The history and experience constantly show us the life way of prominent top managers and CEOs who efficiently govern world-known companies and organizations. As a rule they not only possess personal qualities of the leaders but always try to acquire the advanced knowledge of business administration, psychology, etc, and manage to guide the rest of the staff.
So, if you do define yourself as a leader the final point is to get the right skills and knowledge which would help you to imply the best of you. The Master of Business Administration degree represents one of the highest standards of the education for managers. Taking into account the development and division of economy there appeared a demand for highly tailored managerial specialists. Hence, there is a number of MBA programs covering every aspect of economy.
It is clear as a day that if you don't want to fall behind you have to permanently renovate your knowledge. Managers who already work in the sphere of business relations and want to obtain some new experience may apply for dual degree education. The MBA/JD degree should be translated as dual education on the specialization of Juris Doctor and the Master of Business Administration. The students who apply for this dual education will broaden their management skills and acquire knowledge of legal aspects. Or vice versa, those who do possess law degree may choose this program to get profound knowledge of business world laws.
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Joint Degree, Double Degree and Dual Degree

A double degree is an agreement between two universities or schools which grants two degrees to a student admitted to the program. Usually the double degree programs are at the graduate level, of Master of Science, or at the MBA level in international management courses.
When a student is enrolled to the program, the student is expected to have lessons from both faculties of the two institutions. This can be done either in breaking down the study plan of the students into two phases: one phases attended at the home school and one at the host school (home school is called the institution where the student initiates his studies, but in perfect joint degree environment we cannot talk about home and host schools). This way the student will obtain credits at both institutions. Alternatively, the student can be present only at one institute, and the other school will send its professors to his partner school for teaching. This way the instruction will be technically from the second school.
Joint Degrees are sort of double degrees (or dual degrees, which is absolutely the same). The difference is that instead of combining two study plan and have them the credits obtained outside the school recognized, the school work our a new study plan which on their own could be a new study plan at each of the schools. The framework is designed jointly, and the administration efforts are shared, on the actual degree certificate both institutions name will be present.
Why these degrees becoming extremely important is because the student can obtain an advanced knowledge, meanwhile receiving a degree (or more) from more institutions. The employers appreciate them quite nice, if you know how to apply it on your resume.

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Studying Abroad In London

No matter where you study in London you'll experience all that it has to offer, from museums full of historical art and shopping centers with all the latest fashion trends to global business centers and international restaurants.
Study abroad in London and visit the British Airways London Eye, the world's largest observation wheel that stands 135 meters above London and offers spectacular views of over 55 of London's most famous landmarks.
Or you can walk along the Thames River and visit the Hampton Court Palace, a former royal palace that was home to such famous English rulers as Henry VII and King James I and the famous duo William and Mary.
With so many places to visit and things to do, when you study abroad London you'll want to join a semester program rather than a summer program just to get everything done!
Study Abroad London Programs Teach You the English Culture
London is known to be a major figure in international business, education, the arts, media, entertainment and politics. With such a huge global influence, when you study abroad in London you learn not only about English history, but also about worldwide relationships and communication.
If you're a creative student and you like the arts then you can attend Goldsmiths University of London, which offers 15 departments that range from Anthropology to Visual Culture.
If you're more business-oriented then you can visit the University of Westminster, which was founded in 1838 as Britain's first polytechnic school and has been recognized twice by Her Majesty the Queen for outstanding achievements.
For a more integrated, research-focused campus you can attend Queen Mary University of London. Known as one of London's most recognized higher education institutions, Queen Mary has over 2,800 staff members that teach everything from Humanities and Medicine to Dentistry and Engineering. The university is known for its Student Village, which has over 1,000 rooms in self-catered flats, residence halls and private houses. The Village offers 24-hour security, laundry facilities and a beautiful wooded courtyard.
Study in London and Explore All That it Has to Offer
London society has so much to offer that it's almost overwhelming, but if you plan ahead the places you want to visit and have an itinerary then you should be able to enjoy your entire London trip.
If you travel to central London to the city of Westminster then you will come upon the West End, which is London's largest tourist destination. You can take in some history by visiting The Air Gallery or The Wellington Museum, or catch a musical in "Theatreland," which is the entire area in the West End that has over 40 theatres in its vicinity.
For religious enthusiasts you can visit Saint Paul's Cathedral, one of London's most famous attractions where the Royal Family holds marriages and funerals and where over 200 memorials are stored within the cathedral's crypt. And if you're interested in architecture you can visit the world famous London Bridge, a structural masterpiece that has undergone numerous restorations but still stands as one of the most recognized bridges in the world.
Another beautiful structure known for its Gothic style and standing over 316 feet high near the House of Parliament is the Big Ben Clock Tower. The clock has a thirteen-ton bell and four dials that are 23 feet in diameter.
No matter where you study abroad in London, you'll have an enriching and cultural experience that you'll never forget.

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Go Global With International Business

Around the World
In case you hadn't noticed, U.S. firms are expanding abroad. This requires organizations to form effective strategies for entering the international business market. They need to be aware of legal matters pertaining to specific countries, and they need to be concerned with organizational and administrative issues, especially if they are involved in a partnership with a foreign firm. As international business markets become more competitive, U.S. firms are learning to use resources more efficiently by reducing costs, streamlining operations, and developing marketing strategies.
That's why today's professionals need comprehensive knowledge of international business as well as foreign cultures and languages. Globalization has increased the need for international business workers with these specialized skills to manage multicultural and multinational workforces effectively.
"Distance" Learning
An international business degree will provide you with the training you need to manage an international business and to succeed in our global economy. With an international business degree, you'll be equipped with a global focus across different functional areas of business. You'll learn theories of international protocol and how they continually change. You'll learn to recognize global differences and apply sensitivity to cultural diversity issues in communications, management, marketing, and the legal aspects of global business operations in your international business career. You'll explore the differences among various economic development levels, as well as the new economic groups forming in Europe and Asia.
International degree program coursework may include international marketing, export/import practices, globalization, international trade, financial management, business planning, economic development, international law, international business policy, international culture, foreign languages, overseas business practices, foreign market analysis, foreign operations, sourcing, communications and negotiations, critical thinking processes, ethical codes of conduct for global business leaders, marketing strategies, and management practices and processes.
The Real World
With an international business degree, you can work as a business strategy consultant, managing consultant, account manager, project manager, business developer, distribution manager, director of international affairs, finance advisor, foreign market analyst, or management analyst, to name a few.
Management analysts, for example, held about 605,000 jobs in 2004, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Employment of these international business career professionals is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2014. And, median annual earnings of management analysts were $63,450 in May 2004, with the highest 10 percent earning more than $120,220.

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Dual Degree Programmes in UK - A Cost Effective Study Programme!

Dual degree programmes in UK describes a collaborative study programme by two education institutions in UK. Under it, a student gets entitled to two degrees from two different universities or colleges but within the time duration of a single course. This is the most cost effective of studying these days. An international education degree is a must if you want to move ahead in your career. But it doesn't come cheap at all. So a student going to UK for his further studies would like to benefit from it in the optimum possible manner.
When you are offered two internationally recognized degrees from renowned UK universities and colleges at the price of just one, then wouldn't you be tempted too! These dual degree programmes in UK are mostly available for MBA because this is the most preferred post graduation course by international students. In addition, there is immense scope after doing your MBA in almost any field. Coupling up this business degree with another professional qualification will mean much more chance of you securing a good job in the global business world!
One can take the example of London School Of Business & Finance College which extends dual MBS degrees for its students. One can choose from a combination of
Same is valid for courses like MS.C in finance, masters in international business etc.
A dual degree programme in UK helps a student save up a whole year's worth of tuition fees and earn two degrees within one year which means a more prominent chance of a job. Speaking of UK one must not forget that the country boasts of some very influential organizations and firms. In fact, out of 500 world famous organizations, 105 are in London alone!

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JD/MBA Dual Degree Programs

Due to ever-increasing demands as well as possibilities in the business world, more and more people occupying high managerial positions decide to advance their career having earned dual degrees such as JD/MBA joint degrees. Being able to explore careers in two different fields, finding interesting and rewarding job with high income and promotion opportunities are the main benefits of dual degrees. Of course any postgraduate education can improve your chances to make successful career, but joint degree programs offer you something more than just knowledge in business administration.
JD/MBA degree programs allow students to get both degrees, i.e. Juris Doctor and Master of Business Administration in four or even three years (in some programs) rather than five. Therefore, such combined programs safe not only your money but also your time. Nevertheless, you should remember that this implies also that you would have to work harder due to a rigorous course and tighter schedule.
The tuition fee for JD/MBA dual degree programs is very high, approximately $80,000; however, JD/MBA degree is a great investment in your career and future in whole. Moreover, there are grants, scholarships and fellowships that schools grant to applicants who can show excellent academic and professional abilities. You should bear in mind that such grants are highly competitive, that's why do not forget to apply to schools for grant money as soon as possible.
You can also select the type of studying; many colleges and universities offer campus-based, online or long distance programs, so you can chose which way of learning is the most convenient for you.
MBA starting salary can be the last convincing factor. The salary of the MBA is two or even three times higher than of people with college diplomas.

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Study in USA - Get A Student Visa F - 1 Visa

United States of America has been the top most destination for international students, and why not, the best colleges in almost any field are in this great country. Every year thousands of international students come to USA for graduation/other higher degrees in Engineering, Medicine, Management, Law etc. The information below is focused on getting a Student visa (often referred as F1 or F-1 visa), some useful information around the college application procedure and prospects after you complete your study are also covered.
Visa or immigration document allows a foreign citizen to travel to a U.S. port-of entry (ex Airport) and request permission from the U.S. immigration officer to enter the United States.
a) Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): English is the national language of USA. Earlier it use to be paper based exam but these days it’s mostly given on the internet from designated centers all over the world. These scores are used by many other countries. Although rare but some English speaking nations may be exempted from TOEFLb) Specialization specific exam ( Ex: GRE / GMAT / SAT) : Depending on which specific branch or level (Graduation/Under-Grad etc) of education, there is a test for that very specific field. Tests centers are all over the world and mostly computer based. A management level applicant will give GMAT, Engineering student will give GRE etc. Depending on these scores there will be a cut-off for each institution to which you can apply. Not all institutions can allow foreign students; they should have permission from USCIS (United States Citizenship and immigration Services) to do so.
The student should have a non-immigrant intent i.e. he/she is coming to USA genuinely for educational purposes only and not just to enter in the country for immigration purpose. Students must also demonstrate that they have the financial resources to study without the need to engage in unauthorized or illegal employment.
Institutions need these following documents
- Written application to the school
- Institution's qualification criteria for admission (i.e. TOEFL / SAT/ GRE etc.)
- Student's prior academic record and financial support evidence.
- An acceptance letter allowing the student to study.
- Passport
After this institutions can issue Form I-20 needed for F-1 Student visa. Students must take that form to their nearest US consulate along with Passport, Visa fee, Form OF-156 (Application for a Nonimmigrant Visa), documents indicating evidence of financial support and documents proving sufficient ties to home country.
One should explore the opportunity of scholarships given by Institutions to some students with high scores or exceptional ability in sports. Also students may qualify to work part time. Check your institution for those details.
At the port of Entry ( ex Airport), the students must present all the documents including passport, I-20, Documents from Institution. The immigration officer after verification will issue an I-94 Arrival/Departure Record that contains a unique number. Keep this document safe, probably attached to your passport. Once you arrive on campus, you should report immediately to the office that is responsible for assisting international students and scholars.
Often US companies/employers may come on campus to recruit appropriate students for their organization. If you are the one selected then the employer must file for your working visa ( usually referred as the H-1 visa). Good news !! US Govt. has a special H-1 quota presently at 20,000 visa's (number can change with time) for students who do their graduation in USA.
If the student is not offered H-1 visa, and not pursuing studies in USA anymore, the individual must return back to their home country.
* J-1, or Exchange Visitor. Students participating in an exchange visitor program in the U.S
* M-1, or Student Visa Those who will be engaged in non-academic or vocational study or training.
* B-2 prospective student visa A prospective student, who has not yet decided on a school, can later apply for F-1 Visa.

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Useful Guidelines to Study in USA Universities

Choose to study abroad is a beautiful experience. And foreign students studying in the USA universities gain far-fetched experience, which is an education in itself. Students choose to study in USA, because here they get a lot of exposure. They come in contact with various students of different races and cultures that enhance their knowledge and thinking ability. But before going for study USA program, it is important to gain some ideas about the system and processes.
Here are some guidelines that can help every foreign student to study in USA universities. We can divide the whole process in to two like pre-stage, and post-stage.
It is a dream come true for many students to study in USA, where there is Harvard University the top most university in the world. But applying to study in such universities is not an easy task. A Foreign student should plan his study USA at least a year prior to leaving. A student has to score an excellent percentage in the scholastic aptitude test (SAT) or TOEFL score. A student must be proficient in English. Most of the USA Universities anticipate students to have generally GPA 3 score in their preceding academic years. This GPA 3 score refers to 65% scoring of a student in his graduation or schooling year. A letter of recommendation along with application fees and the certificates of previous qualifications have to be sent to university as per the admission procedure.
The cost of living and tuition fee is also high in USA universities. Most of the universities take around 1500 to 35,000 dollars per year as the tution fee. So the foreign students have to show the proof of sufficient financial resources to meet all their expenses in the university. This financial bank statement also helps as a mandatory document in the student visa USA application. A student is visiting USA for a temporary stay can apply for J-1 visa. If he has a spouse or a child below the age of 21, he needs to apply for a J-2 visa. This visa allows to study even without student visa but does not permit to work. For a full time course one can apply for F-1/M-1 visa. The higher is your TOEFL score, the better to get an F-1 visa.
Now you have crossed the crucial stage of your education in USA. A degree from any USA universities will definitely give you a lot of chances to get employed. The study environment and the chance to get involved in many new and innovative research projects will enhance your career. You can easily get a high paid job across the world. You can take part in the campus selection of various leading organization inside the university. You can get scholarships for studying in USA from organizations like AIFS (American institute for foreign study), minority scholarships and from the university itself.
The teaching process of USA universities is much different than other countries' education system. They put lots of emphasis on the practical side of education that helps to build a foreign student more techno-savvy.
Benefits are unlimited while studying in USA, still you should take advice from foreign education consultants, who can take the whole process of study in USA and surely you can fulfill your dreams.

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Opportunities For Students to Study in Top Universities in Germany

Germany is a country that has a great deal of reasons to offer as the ideal platform for the pupils to study. There are over 12000 courses that are offered by the top universities in Germany for an aspiring student to select. Students have shown insatiable curiosities to seek a Bachelors Degree or a Masters Degree programs from these reputed institutes. Even there is an added advantage to undertake a course in German language as well as English for international students. The eligibility criteria vary accordingly for pursuing a graduate program and a post graduate degree. Before the assessment test that is conducted for getting admission into a graduate degree program, a student has to complete a bridge-program of 1 year duration. A four year Bachelors degree or a three year Bachelors degree is a must for students who are interested to take admission in post graduate programs.
Established in 1969, Universität Bielefeld (Bielefeld University) is located in Bielefeld, Germany. The teaching strategy of this reputed university follows a new trend of innovation and also offers high quality study materials for its students. The university also lays down importance on interdisciplinary research supported by the architecture that surrounds all faculties into one great structure. This university offers Masters Degree in (Arts, Education and Science).
University of Hagen (The FernUniversität in Hagen) is the only state-maintained distance teaching university in the German-speaking regions and countries. Established in the year 1974, the institute provides high quality flexibility for developing the concepts of the subjects for its students. This is because, in this university, the learning process is not imparted in an overcrowded classroom rather it is presided in the form of well organized and prepared study materials, including teaching units, interactive CD-ROMs and DVDs, exercises notes. These teaching materials are mailed the existing valid address of the students or can also be supplied through the Internet. Students can easily listen and watch the online lectures and can also download extra course material for completion of their assignments. Even submission of these study materials including project work and assignment can be done online. University of Hagen offers Bachelors Degree in (Computer Science, Law, Business informatics, Educational Science, Business Administration and Economics). Apart from these courses, interested students can pursue a Masters Degree in (Economics, Mathematics, Law, Education, Computer Science, Electrical and Information Engineering).
Jacobs University was established in the year 1999 in the Bremen region in Germany. It is a highly selective, independent, international and residential university. Excellence in diversity and community, values and leadership are the educational pillars of this reputed institution. All the dedicated members of this university are committed towards creation of knowledge through academic excellence, encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit, establishing a worldwide society of enduring learners. A student interested to take a Bachelors Degree from this recognized university can select the related courses like Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Neuroscience, Biochemical Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Applied and Computational Mathematics, International Logistics Management, Global Economics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology. An individual can also prefer for pursuing a Masters Degree in (Electrical Engineering, Intercultural Humanities, Global Visual Communication, Management and Marine Microbiology) from this institution. Dedicated individuals can also go for a pursuing a PhD in (Integrated Social Sciences, Marine Microbiology and Productive Adult Development) from this university.

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Colin Baker and the Bilingual Education

Colin Baker is perhaps best known for being the author of a widely read textbook on bilingual education, Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, which has undergone four editions. The book has sold over 60,000 copies and has been translated into Japanese, Spanish, Latvian, Greek, and Mandarin.
For Baker, early experience was no predictor of his later career. Born on October 1, 1949, in Danbury, a hilltop village in southeastern England, he remembers only one bilingual person in that village. She was a Belgian refugee speaking French and English, considered by villagers as "different." In elementary school, teachers and students were monolingual English speakers, matching his nuclear and extended family.
In high school, Baker learned Latin and French through the grammar-translation method. Conversational French was regarded as nonacademic and insufficient as a brain-developing activity; hence, it was largely avoided. All students were native English speakers and were required to use a prestigious variety called "the Queen's English."
Despite encouragement from his high school principal to attend a top English university, Baker's main interest was walking mountains. Having traversed the highest peaks in England, he wished to walk the higher Welsh mountains. Bangor is located very near those mountains, and Bangor University became Baker's home. The university overlooks a small city. The many surrounding villages are populated with bilinguals, with the great majority of the indigenous population speaking both Welsh and English fluently and some immigrants from England learning Welsh for employment or cultural enjoyment.
University students can take some humanities subjects through the medium of Welsh, and bilingual education is predominant in all elementary and most high schools. In this context, bilingualism is a natural topic for study. One of Baker's tutors, W. R. Jones, was a world expert on the relationship between bilingualism and IQ and on empirical studies of the effectiveness of bilingual education. Jones also taught Baker advanced statistical analysis for his PhD, although Jones' "teaching" mostly meant Baker's self-teaching.
Thus, for young Baker, the foundations had been laid. Another event was probably more influential in precipitating a lifelong interest in studying bilingualism. As a freshman, Baker sang in a church choir and fell in love with his future wife across the choir stalls. Anwen was the daughter of the pastor of that church, and her family lived their lives speaking mostly Welsh. Students were warmly welcomed to the house, and Baker found a second home.
The seamless and effortless movement in that family between two languages, two literacies, and two cultures was in stark contrast to monolingual Danbury. The diversity and value-addedness of bilingualism became apparent and appealing. In years to come, it bore fruit in a thoroughly bilingual Baker household, with three children who were educated in two languages.

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UK Falls Behind in Further Education League

As the world becomes economically smaller and smaller, the world job and trade markets are becoming more and more competitive. In this type of market, it is imperative for a country to have a superb school system in order to produce competitive workers for the top fields.
England Steps Down
In recent years, England has stepped down in educational rankings when compared to other countries around the world. South Korea and Finland scored in the top positions for writing ability whereas Taiwan and Finland achieved the highest scores in maths.
Were do these numbers come from?
The figures that back this information up come from the International Student Assessment, (otherwise known as Pisa) performance tables. These tables are based on tests that are taken by children fifteen years of age. They are aimed at assessing their ability to apply their school gained knowledge to real world situations. These tests are performed every three years. Pisa ratings are based on tests that are given to 400,000 students within 57 countries. These tests are an attempt to measure the attainment of different students within different educational systems.
How is England's progress?
In the latest report, the UK's performance has declined in reading and in maths compared to other international competitors. The UK is the only group to have placed in the top performing group of the year 2000, to have slipped down into the lower group. The UK has also lost ground in the area of sciences.
In the year 2000, the UK placed eighth in maths and seventh in reading. From there they have slipped down to 24th place in maths and into seventeenth place in reading, Finland, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland and Korea, the other countries that rounded out the upper group and are still placed within that group.
Passed By
The UK was passed up by Slovenia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Austria in the area of maths. The UK is still declining in science and reading skills also. A reading performance test was given to ten year old children in England and it was found that they had fallen from third place all the way down to nineteenth place according to the 'Progress in International Reading Literacy Study'.
Urgent Need
The UK government has recognized the issues facing them with declining marks in an ever increasingly competitive world. Great efforts are being put together in order to intervene where students may be struggling. The 'Every Child Counts' program promises personalized learning so that no student falls behind. Schools are still concerned, they complain that every year the government boasts about improvements it is making to the educational system, yet every year the country falls further behind.

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Information Management MBA - General Break Down of the Course and Career Opportunities

Collection, organization and distribution of information is called Information Management (IM). It remains a point of interest and focus by all organizations and they always keep on taking such measures which can help improving upon this aspect. In this era of IT, this aspect has become even more important and lots of efforts are being put in to further enhance the organization and security of information.
Today every company has developed a separate department for this purpose. Professionals are being enrolled in organizations to carry out the task in a suitable and efficient manner. This has really enhanced the value of
MBA in Information Management.
This masters degree program includes following subjects other than normal MBA subjects:
• Document and File System Management
• Record Organization
• Digital Information Record
• Web content
In fact the course has been formulated to meet the pace of corporate sector. Information sector is playing a very vital role in planning business strategies, especially after its enhanced capabilities due to introduction of computers.
This particular degree is very useful for the students because they will have enough exposure to practical work, case studies, analysis, and field research as well as class and library study. During the course a student has to undertake various subjects which have been further broken down in semesters. In each semester they have to take a midterm and an end term exam including three session exams.
Besides above mentioned tests, students are also given personal assignments on various projects by their respective instructors. These assignments are required to be deposited within given time span.
In all, MBA in Information Management is a degree which has a lot of scope in the market, as far as career opportunities are concerned. It gives you the skills which can take you higher in your profession. Indeed, it is an investment which pays you back in shape of better post in the company with greater salary.

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5 Schools That Offer an Online MBA Degree

The job market for entry and middle level managers has become exceedingly competitive in the last few years. An MBA is fast becoming a prerequisite for executive positions in most sought-after corporations. Thus, pursuing an online MBA makes sense for anyone who wants to further his or her career.
One may have a general idea of what coursework to undertake when obtaining an MBA. The courses on various MBA programs available differ depending on the institution but many courses offer similar subject matter.
Below are five schools that offer an online MBA Degree.
1. American InterContinental University
American InterContinental University offers industry-current degree programs in many of today's most competitive fields. It also provides student support to help the student get the most out of his or her online education. AIU offers up to date online MBA programs that reflect and integrate emerging theories and practical applications in their respective areas of focus.
AIU offers MBA in AccountingFinanceHealthCare ManagementHuman Resource ManagementInternational BusinessManagementMarketingOperations Management, and Project Management.
2. California State University
The California State University provide online delivery of accredited MBA degree and programs that are specifically designed for busy working professionals whose work and location prevents them from attending an on-campus program.
The MBA Online Program currently offers seven concentrations for General BusinessInternational BusinessManagementFinanceMarketing ManagementInformation Technology Management and Human Resource Management.
3. Hawaii Pacific University
The online degrees offered by Hawai'i Pacific University (HPU) train students with a world-class education to prepare them for their professional careers. The student-centered approach of their online MBA degree programs creates a unique and intimate learning experience that provides students with relevant instruction and individual attention essential for success.
HPU's online MBA degree program includes MBA in Human Resource ManagementInformation SystemsInternational BusinessManagement, and Organizational Change and Development.
The online MBA programs at Hawai'i Pacific University usually require 42 credit hours of graduate work and prerequisite courses up to 9 credits in business subjects may be required.
4. Kelly School of Business
Kelley Direct provides working professionals the opportunity to earn an MBA from the Kelley School of Business while continuing their career no matter where they work or live. The focus of the program is General Administration and covers topics such as business law and ethics, economics, marketing, finance, operations, information technology, and project management.
Students can also take 9 hours of electives to tailor the program toward their career goals. Online MBA programs can be done in as little as two years or as many as five to provide students with utmost flexibility.
5. Capella University
Capella's online MBA degree is versatile, business-focused, and a rigorous curriculum that integrates the study of core business disciplines with the advanced leadership and professional skills needed to excel in high-performing, global organizations. Capella University provides a wide range of resources including the MBA Central portal and mobile applications to help students achieve their academic goals and to translate the knowledge they acquired into on-the-job success.
Capella University offers online MBA degrees on AccountingBusiness IntelligenceEntrepreneurshipFinanceGeneral Business AdministrationGlobal Operations and Supply Chain ManagementHealth Care ManagementHuman Resource ManagementInformation Technology ManagementMarketing, and Project Management.
Whatever institution you decide to enroll at, you can earn your degree online while maintaining your career and personal life. You can complete all of your classes online while staying on your professional career track. You have full interaction with classmates and faculty online, no matter where you are.

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European MBA With Employment Opportunities

As most people always perceive, US has the leading MBA programs in the world, well because Harvard is there, a very prominent and an excellent institution when it comes to education. However, we must not be swayed to underestimate the MBA programs of many other countries worldwide. Various universities and business schools are committed to give the individual the best education that he can get to further enhance the experience and skills in the field to become a leader in the future. In Europe, there are also a lot of schools offering an MBA program that has proven excellence. A European MBA increases the opportunities for an individual to go up the corporate ladder either in their own country or anywhere else in the world.
As of now many students are going to Europe to gain a European MBA. It appears that the approach of schools and universities in Europe are different from the US MBA program. Their approach is more practical, they expose the students in the actual processes of corporations to be able to apply there what they have learned in the classrooms and have a holistic view. They do it so that as early as they are students they have a proper glimpse on the real process of business. The business schools and universities in Europe believe that through this approach, they can give the students the skills and knowledge that the individual needs and could actually use when he already finished the program.
A European MBA promises that when you graduate, opportunities will come to you. It is true because a lot of companies are looking for only the best individuals equipped with proper training and has the experience in handling business. Companies have confidence that when an individual has a European MBA, the individual is excellent. In Europe, MBA program is taught in English and French which makes the availability of their program to French speaking individuals, making it hard for the individuals who can not speak French hard to understand. To be able to cope up with this, the institutions offered more programs in English so many would enroll with them. More and more students today wants to acquire their MBA degree in Europe because of its different approach. Many individuals are also interested in a different process of learning rather than the usual American approach which is focused more in academics.

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