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How to Use Dry Erase Boards

Dry erase boards feature a white finish that has a glossy and smooth surface. You can use markers of different colors to write and draw on the boards and wipe off those marks later. Many offices and companies use these boards, but you'll also find ways to use these boards at home too.

Using Traditional Boards

Traditional dry erase boards have a number of uses at home and at work. Hang one of the boards in your kitchen or near the front door of your home to jot down notes for family members and keep track of the schedules of everyone in your household. Place a larger size board in the meeting or conference room of your office. You can use the board to project images during meetings and to brainstorm new ideas with your employees.

Using Sheets

Dry erase sheets serve as a great alternative to a traditional dry erase board. These sheets come in large rolls that you can cut to the size needed for your space. The back of the sheets contain a thin layer of adhesive that allows the sheets to stick to nearly any type of surface, and like the boards, markers wipe right off the sheets. You can also use these sheets with chalk. When you need the board moved, peel the sheet right off the wall and throw it away. You'll also find boards and frames designed to give the sheets a little more stability. Whether you opt for boards or sheets, you'll find plenty of ways to use them at work and at home.
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