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Blood Sample Collection and Analysis

In the medical field, phlebotomists are in high demand because the drawing and analysis of blood is needed in every type of healthcare facility. Hospitals need specialists who can take blood samples from patients and then analyze the vials. Phlebotomy technicians often serve emergency room departments that accommodate patients that must be examined for serious problems. 

Phlebotomy technicians must be trained to handle individuals of all ages. For example, blood may be drawn from infants by using heel sticks. In other words, drawing blood from the heel of a toddler is the most effective way to get the job done. For children, finger sticks may be used to collect samples of blood. Adults usually get their blood taken through veins in the arms. The best Phlebotomy technicians can successfully locate a vein and make a puncture within the first try without bruising. Phlebotomists are primarily responsible for collecting rather than analyzing blood. These specialists must properly label all vials with the appropriate patient names and other information. These days, digital scanners are used to import data from labels on blood samples into central databases in medical facilities including hospitals.

Phlebotomy technicians may also be assigned tasks such as blood transfusions, which are done in emergency situations. For example, excessive blood loss calls for such a procedure as soon as possible. The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians is an example of an organization that certifies Phlebotomists. Each year, a license in this medical specialty must be renewed based on state laws.
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