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Double MBA Degrees

Proponents of such programs, and one, common management information provided by the MBA program, such as general, consider to adapt to global changes in our lives they are more tend to combine the information specified one or details about other professional.

Specific knowledge so you can opponents of this approach is not present, replace the experience of success, need to waste time and money to obtain a double degree does not believe that you are. However, the number of dual degree programs offered by the university rather than shrinking, judging by the fact that it does not increase constantly, do not believe the opponent of dual degree for everyone.

MBA of Medicine

For example, Harvard University, we added the MD / MBA dual degree program to the MBA recently. A master's degree in management master's (MSN / MBA) MBA or nursing (DMD / MBA) MBA medical institution (MHA / MBA), Master of Dental MBA include: degree of such species. Of course, the brand of Harvard University deserves to be respected again referred to by the agency. However, the link / business medicine has been used in other business school and this program already, is not new.

For example, Temple University Fox School of the University of Chicago Graduate School of University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, of Washington Business School, business, and business management. American Business School forty-one, you are presented with the degree of / MBA Medicine.

The contents of education, which includes both general and specific knowledge in the medical field. In the first year, students study microeconomics accounting, financial management, international business, international law, and macro management, information technology, marketing, general management theory. Between the second and third and fourth years, will take place training, medical care, at school. The fifth course includes the study of complementary management skills and education of health care facilities specializing in medical school.

Washington Business School graduate of Chicago Business, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton, University: We are, if to analyze the direction of the double MBA program, we are in the degree JD / MBA offered by the business school of many U.S. leaders you know that there is.

The abbreviation refers to JD Juris Doctor degree, equivalent to a master's degree in law. JD is a degree obtained by American students and the use and training of legal experts, including the general division of labor without having to learn the depth of the U.S. attorney in the JD program professional. American law schools believe that you are. Many different courses in training students to pass, he will be good provided for resolution of legal delay of the state in the future. After obtaining the degree of JD, a lawyer in the future, you will need to pass the (exam) professional exam. Therefore, the students lived in the United States, do not plan to work, you should not select the JD / MBA option of narrow focus on the U.S. market.
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