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GCET 2012: Get the pattern and past year analysis for the MBA entrance exam of Gujarat

Following the series of state-level MBA entrance exam, Gujarat today, describes the state of popular entrance examination (GCET) Gujarat Common Entrance Examination. The test is performed at the Technical University of Gujarat. Test has not been announced yet, it will be announced by GTU by the end of May or early April is expected. The test is expected to be held in June 2012.

GCET is an MBA from the agency of the Province of Gujarat, is the entrance exam of MCA. Pattern of the test is based on the computer. GCET is composed of multiple choice objective questions. Each question has four choices. The duration of the test is 180 minutes. Section of the test are as follows. General awareness logical reasoning and quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and analysis. There are 250 questions of the paper. Each question carries the mark of four, each wrong answer has negative marking of 25 %.

As you can see which lines you need to prepare now, let us look at the analysis section of the exam wisely 2011 GCET.

Quantitative aptitude

In this section, there were 30 questions. In this section, was very simple in nature. Question appeared, a combination of quadrature, and permutations, numbers, time, Alligations loss Surds speed and distance, and the index, quadratic equations, and profit , percent, partnership, time and effort, and percentage ratio, mixtures and space from there was such.

Language ability

.. In this section, on the issue of English usage and reading comprehension were mixed The number of questions was 20 In the space usage of the English, asked contains questions, corrections sentence - for a phrase, tense, and since appropriate, the other to facilitate and direct questions and was very small passage comprehension preposition, such as tense You are using.

Analysis and logical inference

In this section, there were 30 questions. Question appears, the topic series, kinship, coding decoding, letter analogy, odd one out, a sense of direction, arrangements, statements and assumptions, and conclusions that future elephant, compare, Venn diagram, was from there, etc.

General knowledge

In this section, there were 20 questions. Question was both static current affairs and GK. Question under the sun politics, finance, science, mythology, cricket, such as economics such, obtained from almost any topic

Will be the last test performed by the 2012 GTU GCET. Starting with year 2012, GCET exam will be replaced by the AICTE CMAT.
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