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Benefits of Studying Languages Abroad

There is often much reluctance from students to go and study abroad; however there are many obvious advantages to studying languages in other countries, making it an experience that many students should take if given the opportunity. Not only do most Colleges offer years abroad, but students do also have the chance to take their entire University career across the world if they wish to, which is not something everyone knows about when deciding where to further their studies. Especially when taking a language as your major, situating yourself in that particular country and immersing yourself within their culture can really enhance your understanding and learning. We all know that over the last few years Colleges have been filling up, and filling up fast to say the least. Spare places in Colleges across the country are becoming incredibly difficult to come across, so with institutions filling quickly to the brim why don't language students consider the higher education opportunities around the world? In many aspects, it simply makes sense to take your chosen language studies abroad, to learn French in France or Spanish in Spain.

Standing Out, On Your Own Two Feet:

Most importantly, studying abroad looks amazing on a CV and will enhance your later job prospects and possibilities, as studying abroad will make you stand out as an ambitious and driven individual. Firstly, it is a great conversational topic with future employees as they will most definitely be interested in your experience, what it has taught you and how you can bring what you have learnt into future work. Employers will see the time abroad as a true sign of independence and initiative, proving you have the ability to cope on your own in unfamiliar surroundings, while learning at the same time.

Learn and Travel:

Learning abroad will also give you the once in a lifetime opportunity of travelling while studying at the same time; a chance not many people decide to take up. You’re obviously not tied to the city where you are attending your classes, but you have an entire new country to explore. This is an excellent advantage for language students, as you’re skills and knowledge will be consistently put into practice. Navigating yourself around a foreign country will really enhance understanding of the language, and interaction with the locals will only enrich and develop conversational technique. It will also highly increase your ability to become fluent in your chosen language, quicker than you think. Depending on where you decide to go, you may also have the possibility of visiting nearby countries, ensuring that you gain the best cultural, historical and educational experience.


Making sure that you are prepared for this experience is essential. Studying abroad doesn’t have to be any more costly than studying at home. You’ll just need to make sure you’ve done your research and your math. Remembering the all-important things from accommodation costs and tuition fees, to varying living costs and exchange rates. Many Colleges have overseas campuses, which are likely to have accommodation and tuition costs that are no different to studying in the US. But if you just have a look around, there is plenty to help you. From seeing if you are eligible for financial support, to shopping around for the best book deals and supplies. Don’t let the thought of money put you off at all; as it is likely that you’re only major costs will be the travel to actually get there. But anyone who has done it before will agree that it is worth it.


Teaching English as a Foreign Language courses can be taken all over the world. But it is a wonder why all students don’t take themselves to another country to complete the process. After all, it seems a much bigger jump to take all education in your home country and to then to try and look for your first job abroad. As you will be living in a non-English speaking country, it only makes sense for you to take this as an opportunity to begin setting up your new life in a new country.

As long as you have the money for accommodation and living costs, there is nothing stopping you from going out there weeks or even months before your TEFL course to really immerse yourself with your new surroundings. It will then become a much easier transition when it comes to taking on this very intensive four-week course, and eventually your teaching career. You will be able to become accustomed to the culture and way of life in the country you have decided to go to, which is often seen as the biggest challenge of moving abroad, as every single country has its very own unique culture and set of values.
By Jennifer Mann.
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