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Rehabilitation Has Several Uses

There are several types of rehabilitation that patients benefit from after an illness or injury. If you're interested in helping people, learning how to get involved in one of these types of rehabilitation may be helpful. One of the best things about being a rehabilitative therapist is the number of possibilities available.

Assistive technology helps people with hearing, visual or physical impairments cope with lifestyle changes. A therapist with this speciality helps the elderly or disabled use new technology to make their lives easier. If you like introducing people to new things and enjoy using technology, this is a good career path to learn more about.

Geriatric rehab helps the elderly following a stroke or some surgical procedures. Many people facing life after a stroke or surgery need to relearn skills or have difficulty adjusting. Therapy addresses these issues in a meaningful, helpful way.

Pediatric rehab also plays a major role in helping children learn to cope in the wake of illness or disability. Children often feel a lot of frustration when they can't understand their limitations. One of the major objectives of pediatric rehabilitation is helping children learn to live with their disability or illness while living fulfilling lives.
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