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Some Misconceptions About the MBA Degree

Out of all graduate degrees offered by institutions of higher education, MBA, you have probably the most popular. Made it clear that there are many misconceptions about the degree ( inspection of some of the questions about the MBA on the popularity of Yahoo Answers site. Is part of the most common ones here.

Myth: One, you must have a bachelor's degree in business in order to enroll in the MBA program.
To meet the needs created when have not been trained MBA degree, it is skilled in the background is one of the management field or, and one promoted to management engineers and scientists originally found that fact: Te was developed. The university responded by creating a degree of MBA. But have a degree in business about 40 percent of undergraduate students of MBA, a good manager because it requires a broad background in business education beyond the simply, the setting is intended for the field of other faculties. Majoring in mathematics, engineering, science is the best, all the other majors are acceptable. I have been teaching MBA students the background of the history, music, language, medicine, law, dentistry, psychology, and human and many other.

Myth: MBA program accepts students with considerable work experience.
Myth: It is recommended that you obtain the MBA degree after the bachelor's degree soon.
Fact: MBA programs prefer students with work experience of 2-4 years after the first degree. Most of the programs, but to boast that it needs to be students they have the experience of work, if they have a GMAT score and high good grades, many are accepting students right out of college. Some MBA programs, without practical experience, has been specifically designed for new college graduates. However, these programs get the advantage of learning from other students have work experience is not available. Many of the valuable learning is done through the interaction of the class. In addition, the offer graduate student, your job is when it comes to almost the same as undergraduate business, so do not have work experience, get, getting a job in that area it is difficult, so two of the field faculty of your came out two years.

Myth: The MBA degree is available in a variety of academic fields.
Fact: it is, or "I want to get an MBA in Aviation Management." MBA in Finance "or do you want to offer an MBA in pharmacy school which" to refer to the following question is common, marketing, accounting, human resource management. There is no such degree. At the university, and is not intended to grant the MBA or MBA, finance, information systems. They are, MBA of them, Chief Executive Officer until (CEO), in a general degree prepares students for management positions in all levels of business, or to grant the degree of Master of Business Administration MS MS and provides financial, and marketing. The other course of study students MBA, accounting, finance, marketing, management, statistics, economics, strategy, policies, and. Many MBA programs, has provided the concentration of these and many other areas, in the second year of the selected field of study that amount to 2-3 course. Many students in order to avoid concentration, take a variety of elective courses in order to obtain a broad background. You can become an expert in the field and 2-3 course is not available. It will be years of concentrated study, which was been achieved in other professional degree Master of Science in finance, pharmacy, or mechanical engineering in general.

Myth: The MBA degree is worth the cost and effort only when it is drawn from a prestigious school.
Fact: MBA program is top-notch, the applicants have received more than they can admit, it is possible to reject more than 90% of excellent applicants. It graduates from the prestigious school to get the highest salary offer at the time of graduation is a fact. However, MBA programs and many other very good, provides a valuable degree with a major financial benefit. Some of the fields in the most advantageous undergraduate (business, accounting, paralegal, nursing) average salary in the range from about $ 53,000 from about $ 41000. On the other hand, graduates of the MBA got a $ 79,000 salary of an average of about sign-up bonus, including a median of $ 13,000 is not a 2010. In addition, the MBA and career advancement, but they tend to be much faster than with a bachelor's degree.
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