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The Benefits and Rewards of MBA Jobs

If you are holding a degree in Business Administration, you will have a better chance to get a good job. However, it is not the salary that matters. There is another development opportunity that is provided for when the people took the job of the MBA. We take a look at the different career choices and opportunities you can see you want to get employment with a degree in business administration you.

By obtaining a degree in MBA, has obtained a general management qualification. Now, you must select the field of industry and management of your preference. Are you straight after you have your degree, you can land on the work of management and executive level. However, there is a need to select the best company to start working for you, you will need to recognize the difference between salary and different interests of the entire sector.

Investment banking

You are the most popular financial sector can find the work of the MBA is an investment bank. Starting salary is about $ 150.000 to 200.000. However, not only it is a start you do not pay they must be taken into account. There are investment opportunities in companies that provide equity and welfare, of another carrier is most useful when you have selected the investment banking business.

Sales & Trading

There can also be useful to obtain an MBA in sales and marketing job. It includes the marketing of complex financial instruments. You will also need to promote the securities to financial services companies. If you are looking for the position of the consulting sales MBA, the basic salary will be $ 250,000 from $ 120,000, you can expect a bonus of $ $ 25,000 to $ 3 million in the first year You. The advantage is that it depends on the performance of the first year of you, get a contract is too large, you can get your raise.

Investment management

If you need a fast career progression and great benefits and investment sales, can be a good choice. When you hire people for management positions, many multinational companies are looking for the qualification of MBA. If you can prove yourself, you can start as high as you like, is you. The start salary is low, the package of benefits in general, may be worth taking the job of investment MBA. Obtained by selecting a portfolio of your own company's management, you get a huge bonus for each transaction. You are, you need to concentrate on long term clients mass, force organization is indispensable. Provides further including professional training and qualifications, many companies have a great starting package.

General bank

MBA qualified employees will be able to acquire the average value of $ 64,212, the year in the banking industry in general. This does not include bonus and company benefits. Offers may vary from one company to another and starting salary varies depending on the position.


Profit potential of the first year of executive MBA credentials, according to (GMAC) Admissions Committee, Graduate School of Business, is approximately $ 111,477 in the healthcare industry. If you are looking for a job for MBA in this field, however, you might need to take professional courses. Companies are looking for industry-specific knowledge and experience often.
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